Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

The Healthy News Regarding Green Tea

Green tea is an incredible healthy drink and a blessing to the body. But, Green tea is more than just a beverage, or a drink. It is a health benefit, supplement, and a scientific miracle in a cup.

An Ancient Chinese remedy and drink that has been often used for centuries to treat sickness and disease has health benefits that baffle even the greatest doctors today. I have personally been a green tea drinker for years, since 1997-1998 and I have researched the miraculous results of what it does for the body. I have for the most part been a very healthy person, but I wanted to remain and stay that way for the rest of my life. I do not believe it is God's will for anyone to live in perpetual sickness, disease or infirmity. So, God provides humanity with herbs, plants and this drink we call "Green Tea" to help us live longer, healthier lives.

Why green tea you ask? For starters it contains "antioxidants" which are found in most vegetables and fruits to help boost your immune system. Normally when a person gets sick it begins as a virus that enters the body and that virus attacks the body and because the immune system is too weak to fight back it causes influenza symptoms, infection, colds, etc; By Drinking 2-5 cups of green tea daily will boost, or build up our immune system to be able to withstand viruses that are usually passed on by touching something with your hands that someone else has already touched. Or by being around someone who already has a virus and they continually cough or sneeze in the air that you have come in contact with. People that are persistently sick normally have a very weak and vulnerable immune system. Green tea also lowers Cholesterol levels for those that struggle with good versus bad Cholesterol. It is also used to treat and prevent heart disease, cancer, strokes, rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure! And for those that are concerned about the caffeine in green tea, it is scientifically proven to have less caffeine in it than coffee.

So, the verdict is that Green tea is definitely worth investing your time and money into if you are planning to live a long life and remain healthy. If you notice most Asians seem to live longer than most races of today, because of the food diets and large consumption of green tea that they drink daily. I will be forty years old this year and had a physical recently last year. And the physicians found no high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, disease or infection in my body! The test all came back negative. And most men who are forty years old in today's society are being diagnosed with all kinds of health problems. And I truly believe the reason why I have remained healthy comes from a healthy food diet, staying active and also from all the years that I have consumed green tea! It is truly a miracle beverage in a cup. There is an old Ancient Chinese Proverb that says, "Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." Enjoy.

Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Healthy Foods Packages For Outdoor Adventures

Developing a very useful approach on the way to save survival items such as healthy meals and clean water while in the wilderness adventure is part of your clever survival tactics. By doing this, you can be certain that we will still be well-balanced human beings even we are in those situations because we have well-balanced meals that we could have during those time. You have to know that food, in contrast to water, could possibly be rationed safely, aside from children and pregnant women. You shouldn't go and get unknown foods for your unexpected emergency food because you will not be certain of their given qualities and nutrients. It is very important that you have some background and knowledge on what kind of food you should try to include inside of your survival package. It is very possible to get more ideas on how to do all these preparations through survival training video available given for all the people who want to be safe during catastrophes or just have inclinations on wildlife adventure.

It is important to collect all of the food survival means inside your gear guide and inside of your home because you do not know what will happen. To put together these subsequently, seek out a number of survival training and be quick to learn recommendations on what is the best way to do it properly.

Remember the following guidelines which are part of the wilderness survival basics on how to preparing your food inside your homes so that you could use all these when time would require:

1. Retain canned food at a dry spot wherever climate is very cool. To defend boxed foods from pests and to prolong their shelf-life, keep the food in tightly enclosed plastic or steel containers.

2. Foods that must be included in your disaster supplies should be composed of the following: ready-to-eat lean meat, fruit, and fresh vegetables; manufactured or boxed juices, milk, and soup; high-energy food like peanut butter, jello, low-sodium crackers, granola bars, and path mix; nutritional supplements; food products for small children or people on unique diet programs; treats, hard candy; instant flavored coffee, large sugar cereal products, and powdered milk.

3. Do not forget to replace the food supply you have stored in nearly a year. Remove and throw away the canned goods which will have already been enlarged, dented, or corroded.

4. Eat the foods before they are rotten, and swap these with fresh new ingredients.

5. Date each food simply by using a marker and place new items behind the storage space and older ones before.