Kamis, 05 April 2012

How To Keep Fit And Stay Healthy

If you have ever paid a visit to a doctor's clinic, you will know the answer or at least bits of the answer. In fact you may have read it on the posters or files at the doctor's clinic. Nobody can explain better about the importance of good health than your doctor. They are indeed the people who really know the importance of keeping fit and healthy. And they are one set of people who really care about others good health. I am saying this because my doctor is an angel, every time I put on an extra pound, he will remind me about what it is doling to my body. He even calls me if I do not show up at the clinic in months. To us life is fit if we are not suffering from any ailment. If we do not need to visit any doctor, we think we have achieved the optimum of health. But that is untrue. We may same fit on the outside but we have no clue of what is happening on the inside. However, there are many different measures we can take to ensure that we look as good on the inside as we do on the outside.

The first and easiest step towards being fit is maintaining a good diet, a balanced diet. A diet that ensures you consume more of fruits and vegetables and less of meats and fatty food stuffs. A diet that is void of too much butter or cheese or mayo. Cut down on your caffeine and sugar intake. Drinking a lot of water and fruit juices too are highly recommended.

Next is sleeping well. Yes sleep plays an important part too. Sleep early. Make sure you get your nine hours of sleep. When you are asleep, your body does its work so let it do what it has to!

Do not skip your breakfast ever. It is one of the most important meals of the day. Eat your regular meals, it will do you good to eat healthy even during breaks. Do not skip meals and go hungry, it is more likely that you will eat even more at the next meal

Exercise your body everyday. Go for a swim, or walk, or jog or just play a game of football or tennis. Your body needs a regular workout. If you think a gym is going to help you be more diligent with your workout, join one today.

Try your best not to get stressed out. Stress has the same effects on your body as any toxin would.

Remember to keep washing your hands, especially at office or after a long journey or if you've been out with many people. You do not want to get flu or catch any infection.

Do away with your filthy vices. Quit smoking. I do not need to tell you how it harms you; you can read it on the cigarette pack! Some alcohol consumption does your body good while most of it does harm. Be wise and do not drink too much.

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