Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Become Healthy and Fit

If you keep eating complex type of carbohydrates just like vegetables, whole grain bread and fruits the body will be working hard in breaking down or process to burn down your calories. It means few calories had been kept as fats. The fact is, in every one hundred fat calories, the body can burn up three calories when you digest food. It will leave ninety seven calories to be kept in the fat cell. While another hand, the body is burning up twenty three calories, it digest one hundred carbohydrates in calories, it leaves seventy seven remaining in body fats.

When you're limiting your intake of fats to lesser than thirty percent in total calorie, it will be burning up calories quickly.

People are overeating due to several reasons. There are lonely and the depressed ones; those with no control, while others do feel not loved and some due to fear. People turns to overeating due to these reasons. However, we know that food isn't the solution to your problem. The fact is, when you overeat you're making things worse.

There's someone who sets you free of bondage with food. He'll surely love you as well as be very interested with all the details of life. You're such a great treasure to Him. Let God heal the hurts, fears as well as loneliness from your life. He'll be loving and wanting to assist you're life, all throughout. There's no such thing as unloved person by HIM who loves and creates you. In every walk of your life, He'll go with you and stand by you're side, ready to let you feel good. We are choosing our own life, how we are today is due to the past choices we've make. Even with our health and state of life recently.

You're heart's desire will always be in being fit and healthy with the Lord. Always place you're heart and mind with the prayer lead by Him in all walks of life. Due to the faith you've trusted with the Lord, you're life will always be healthy and given good solutions.

Always be filled with the Holy Spirit and stick on basics with His Word.

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